The Network Box M-255 is designed to protect medium-sized organisations. Many medium-sized organisations do not have computer racks so the Network Box M-255 has been specifically designed to allow convenient stand-alone or rack-mounted placement. (more)



The Network Box M-285 is a member of the Network Box S-M-E product range. Designed to protect medium-sized organisations that may or may not have computer racks installed on-site. It can easily fit on just about any side cabinet yet can also be rack-mounted with the included rack-mounting kit. (more)



The Network Box M-385 is the flagship of the ‘M’ series, and is designed to protect medium-sized organisations which require high performance. As standard, it includes one 10/100TX Ethernet port and six 10/100/1000TX gigabit ports (expandable up to 11 ports using an optionally available module). (more)

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