April 2019 - In the Boxing Ring & Network Box Focus


In the Boxing Ring


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In the Boxing Ring - April 2019 [PDF]


In the Boxing Ring - April 2019


2 April 2019 - Welcome to the April 2019 edition of ‘In the Boxing Ring’.


This month, we will be talking about Network Box’s Cybersecurity Ethos. The Network Box approach to cybersecurity has always been different. Since the company’s launch 20 years ago, we have always deployed full sets of signatures covering both modern and ancient malware and threats, and used multiple overlapping protection engines, to increase both the depth and breadth of protection capability. Currently we are using 79 classification and policy enforcement engines, utilizing more than 63 million signatures. On pages 2 to 3 we talk about why this is necessary in today’s heightened security landscape, and discuss the Network Box approach.


On page 4, we highlight the features and fixes to be released in this month’s patch Tuesday for Network Box 5.


In other news, Network Box Taiwan participated at Cybersec 2019. During the event, Network Box Singapore’s Jan Van Leersum, gave a keynote presentation on the Dark Web. In addition, Network Box Hong Kong was invited by The Law Society of Hong Kong to give a talk at their Cybersecurity for SME Event. Finally, Network Box Germany held a partner event to brief them on the latest Network Box offerings and technologies.


The newsletter can be downloaded from the Network Box website.


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Network Box Focus


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Network Box Focus - April 2019 [PDF]


Network Box Focus - April 2019


This month's highlights include:

  • Network Box Taiwan: CYBERSEC 2019
  • Network Box Hong Kong: The Law Society of Hong Kong
  • Network Box Germany: Partner Event

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